Dragon Ball Super Revisits Goku Amidst Vegeta's Fight

Dragon Ball Super has been solely focused on Vegeta in its last few chapters, as the Saiyan Prince [...]

Dragon Ball Super has been solely focused on Vegeta in its last few chapters, as the Saiyan Prince broke all limits and achieved a brand new form of power. But now we are finally getting an update on what's up with Goku, as Vegeta battles for his life. The current "Granolah The Survivor" arc has brought Goku and Vegeta to Planet Cereal, where the last survivor of the Cerealian race, Granolah, is looking for vengeance against any and all Saiyans and their former master Freeza. And, so far, this has turned into a battle whose outcome may not be so good for Goku or Vegeta!

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 SPOILERS Follow!

Goku stepped up to face Granolah first, using the power-ups to his Ultra Instinct technique that he developed while training with Whis. Unfortunately, even with Goku's reflexes and speed operating at godly levels with Ultra Instinct, Granolah's Dragon Ball wish to be the strongest warrior in the universe, combined with his natural Cerealian gifts, makes Granolah even stronger than Ultra Instinct Goku. In the end, Goku only managed to put down a clone copy of Granolah, and was critically injured by the Cerealian's vital point strike.

Since Goku got taken down by Granolah, Dragon Ball Super has effectively been Vegeta's story. The Saiyan Prince stepped up to fight Granolah after Goku fell, and when he too found himself facing defeat and/or death, Vegeta manages to break all boundaries and achieve his own God of Destruction form: Ultra Ego.

Dragon Ball Super 75 Spoilers Goku Vegeta Granolah Fight

In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75 finally shows Goku back up and around after being put down by Granolah. A cut scene in the manga shows Goku at a stream sensing Vegeta's battle with Granolah, while trying to heal his own body. Goku knows he's on a ticking clock, as he senses the power draining form Vegeta's new form, while Granolah only seems to be getting strong and "sharper" as the battle rages on. And Goku's fears prove to be true: as Vegeta pours all his power into one last energy blast attack, Granolah spontaneously breaks his own limits and achieves a new kind of power boost - one that gives him double the might of his Cerealian abilities.

In the end, it's looking like this Dragon Ball Super story arc will likely culminate in Goku and Vegeta having to combine Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego, their respective new (but very different) abilities in order to stop Granolah. That is if Goku can get himself powered up with Ultra Instinct again.

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