Dragon Ball Super Gives Androids 17 and 18 A Familiar New Attack

Dragon Ball Super's manga is now into the climatic battle of its latest arc, "The Galactic Patrol Prisoner". Moro's main target has become attacking Earth in order to consume the new powers that Goku and Vegeta have unlocked. In Goku's case, the intense battle between Goku and Moro proves to be shockingly easy for the villain to win. Even with an Ultra Instinct upgrade, Goku gets beat down hard by Moro, and is about to get taken out, if not for Androids 17 and 18 jumping in to save him, using a fight technique that Dragon Ball fans were delighted to recognize!

That move above is the "Super Electric Strike," which is a signature move that Android 17 uses in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse video game series. It serves as one of no. 17's Ultimate Skills, and was later adapted for the hit Dragon Ball FighterZ fighting game, as of 17's special attacks.

As the move is described over on the Dragon Ball wiki:

"After the user charges green energy in both of their hands, the user throws out their hands, launching two arcing electrical Ki Blasts at the opponent to inflict massive damage. However, the attack has a "blind spot" immediately in front of the user because the energy wave appears a short distance in front of them rather than being emitted directly from their body, meaning an opponent can avoid the attack completely if they close to point-blank range while the attack is being charged."

The thing that's special about Super Electric Strike's official debut in Dragon Ball Super's manga, is that it's presented as a tag-team attack on Moro, by both 17 and 18. In the games, 18 only every manifested the technique as one of Xenoverse's NPCs, she's never actually shown that she could do it - until now. Since no. 18 has just as many fans (if not more) than no. 17, people are thrilled to see her keeping perfect stride with her brother.


Easter eggs like this are fun for both Dragon Ball fans and creators, alike. It shows that there's awareness of the franchise across platforms and that creators actually pay attention to fan nitpicks about what should be made part of the continuity.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.

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