Dragon Ball Unveils Android 21's Smart New Statue

Dragon Ball Super has spent years introducing fans to the warriors of the Saiyan race, alien threats, as well as brawlers from alternate realities. While the anime series has had countless characters, the ancillary material for the Shonen franchise has introduced fighters that have yet to arrive in the anime series proper. Android 21 first appeared in Dragon Ball FighterZ and rose in popularity to become one of the most popular brawlers that has yet to hit the manga or television series, with a new figure on the way that might be her best. 

As mentioned earlier, Android 21 has never appeared in the anime of Dragon Ball Super, enacting her plan in the continuity of the latest Dragon Ball fighting game. While her original plan was to absorb energy from combatants, it was eventually revealed in the story of the game that she had an evil side, much like Piccolo, that was attempting to take over the world. Joining the Z Fighters in their battle, 21 would survive the events of the game and might show up at some point in the future of the Shonen franchise. The Red Ribbon Army affiliated fighter also made a brief appearance in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot, the game that Akira Toriyama considers to be a part of the main franchise.

The upcoming SH Figuarts figure that will be bringing Android 21 to life will begin pre-orders later this month, giving Dragon Ball fans the opportunity to own one of the most popular characters that has yet to make an appearance in the main animated series of the Z Fighters:

(Photo: SH Figuarts)

The Red Ribbon Army is set to return via this April's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, the next feature-length film of the Shonen franchise which will see a new duo of androids specifically battle against Gohan and Piccolo. With Goku and Vegeta both off-planet, the responsibility of protecting the planet now falls to the other Z Fighters, with Gamma 1 and Gamma 2 being the newest threats. Though this movie is set to arrive this spring, the television series has yet to announce when it will be making a comeback, following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Saga.

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Via The Official Dragon Ball Website