Viral Dragon Ball Z Clip Turns Goku Into an Accidental Baddie

Dragon Ball Z introduced some of the most iconic villains in anime history back in the day. Guys like Freeza and Kid Buy still haunt fans to this day given how devilish they were. Of course, the world has Goku watching over it, so the planet had little to worry about at the end of each arc. But thanks to one spot-on clip, fans can see what might have happened if Goku weren't such a good guy.

The video was made over on Twitter by the user lslonelyshadow. The fan created a super-cut using Dragon Ball Z footage from one of Freeza's battles. And as you can see down below, the reel imagines a world where Goku co-opted the baddie's attack for evil rather than snuffing them out.

The video begins with Freeza shooting off a purple energy beam at Goku, but it doesn't take the hero long to lock on to the attack. Goku is able to simply knock the attack away with a wave of his hand, but rather than directing it at a distant mountain, the clip shows him targeting his allies.

The hilarious clip ends with a slew of Dragon Ball Z characters dead as Goku looks on in shock. Even Freeza is surprised to see how recklessly Goku acted by rerouting his attacks. The clip even shows Goku sniping a future version of himself from Dragon Ball Super, so there is no telling how that will mess up the timeline.


Obviously, Goku was Moree careful with Freeza's attacks back in Dragon Ball Z, but this clip shows how easily the Saiyan could go from hero to zero. A little bit too much distraction could mean death to an innocent bystander, and if Goku were to ever kill a Z-Fighter accidentally, he would have hell to pay.

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