'Dragon Ball Super' Annihilates Another Universe

Warning! Spoilers for Episode 121 of Dragon Ball Super below!

The last episode of Dragon Ball Super saw Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta overpowering Universe 3 to such an extent, that Universe 3 was forced to use their secret weapon, combining into the massive monster, Aniraza.

As threatening as Aniraza was, however, Universe 7 was able to get the better of it. Meaning that Universe 3's full elimination from the Tournament of Power led to a huge body count from this episode as five people were stricken from the final.

Universe 3's Aniraza was the result of their remaining four fighters fusing together and towered over the entire arena. Focusing its attacks on Universe 7 forced the six fighters to unite together (even the stubborn Freeza joins in eventually), and its attacks pushed them to the brink.

Aniraza had the ability to locate them through ultra sonic waves, use warp holes to hit them anywhere in the arena with its punches, and its energy blasts easily overwhelmed many of the attacks from Universe 7's fighters. This even led to the elimination of Android 18, as she saved Android 17 from being eliminated.

When Aniraza charges an obscenely large blast and threatens to destroy the entire arena, Universe 7 charges into full power. Vegeta goes Super Saiyan Blue, Gohan uses his Mystic transformation, Goku goes Super Saiyan Blue as well, Freeza transforms into Golden Freeza and 17 charges his energy. The five of them all unleash giant Ki blasts together against Aniraza's giant sphere of destructive energy.

Aniraza grows the sphere to an incredible size and starts pushing them back, but the five warriors of Universe 7 dig in their heels. Android 17 notices a weakness in Aniraza, the giant glowing gem on his forehead. With this knowledge he covers himself in his barrier and charges through Aniraza's giant blast. With one punch, he shatters the gem on Aniraza's forehead. Turns out it was its energy reactor, and it has now been damaged. With one final push, the four remaining fighters are able to counter Aniraza's blast and eliminate it from the tournament.

Aniraza is defeated, meaning Universe 3 was all out of fighters. Zen-Oh then erases Universe 3 from existence leaving Universe 7 and 11 as the final contenders. Only eight fighters and nine minutes remain as the Tournament of Power enters it final stages.


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