Dragon Ball Super Finally Brings Gas' Arc to Its Climax

Dragon Ball Super is back with a new chapter, and it seems this month's update pulled through for fans. After all, readers have been waiting to see how Granolah's arc would peak ever since it got started last year. And now, chapter 86 has gone live and brought the whole story to a climax.

If you haven't checked it out just yet, you can find Dragon Ball Super's new chapter through Viz Media right now. The update kicks off hot with Gas powering up into his most insane form yet. It seems the suicidal boost risks Gas' life in every way, but it does give the thug enough power to put Goku on the defensive. But when things start to get rough, the Saiyan is given a hand by two familiar faces.

At last, Granolah returns in this new chapter, and the sniper is able to make a final stand against Gas. With Vegeta helping the pair at the last moment, Goku tosses Gas into the stratosphere so Granolah can nail his enemy with a massive energy beam. By the end of this chapter, Dragon Ball Super confirms Gas is going to be out for a few days, but he is not dead. Gas made sure to leave the baddie alive, and he does the same for all the Heeters. After all, Granolah has grown since fans first met him, and he is willing to let the thugs live so long as they leave his planet and never return.

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You can imagine just how hyped fans are about this Dragon Ball fight ending. Gas has been fighting Goku and Granolah for some months now, so it was time for something to give. With the gangster out of commission, only time will tell whether Gas' threat works on the Heeters. If the group tries to rebel, another fight could be on the horizon, and that kind of pacing might just sour Granolah's arc for everyone.

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