Dragon Ball Super's Chris Sabat Says Broly Needs to Join the TV Anime ASAP

Dragon Ball Super fans have been holding out hope for the anime to return someday because Dragon Ball Super: Broly helped bring the anime run to an end with a bang. After being on the outskirts of the franchise canon for so many years, the fan favorite foe Broly was finally brought into the official story of the series. This new version of Broly was an immediate hit with fans upon the film's release, and ever since then fans have been wanting to see even more from this new incarnation of the character.

This includes those behind the film bringing it to life as well like Christopher Sabat, who worked as ADR Director on the film as well as provided the voices for Vegeta and many other characters. Celebrating the film with fans during ComicBook.com's latest Quarantine Watch Party, Sabat opened up about how he wants Broly to come to the official anime series as soon as possible.

When asked about his final moments of the film teasing more between both Goku and Broly on Twitter, Sabat opened up about his desires for more Broly "My thoughts were 'if they don't make more DB with Broly in it I'm gonna be pissed.'" Sabat was also asked about his desire to see more Broly, and even mentioned how he was initially upset that Broly was set to return.

As mentioned to fans on Twitter, Sabat was initially reluctant to the idea until he saw the script for Dragon Ball Super: Broly, "I was a little upset they were bringing Broly back for the film, but when I saw the script I was very happy they did. I hope to see Broly if they continue Super. Maybe he'll even speak!"

Like fans, Sabat has been wondering about the future of the Dragon Ball anime series. He has his own ideas for where the characters could go for here, and has a particular fun idea for Vegeta as potentially the next God of Destruction. As for Goku, he and Broly's futures could be wrapped together as well as Goku could even train Broly as a future fighter and student (much like he did Uub at the end of Dragon Ball Z).


Broly has a ton of potential as to where he could go next, and he's one of the biggest reasons fans want the anime to finally resume. But what do you think? Agree with Sabat that Broly needs to come to the anime officially? Where do you think Broly is following the end of Dragon Ball Super: Broly? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!