Dragon Ball Z Fan Powers Up with Edgy Majin Buu Cosplay

Dragon Ball fans would know Majin Buu with even the smallest of glances. The baddie has such a recognizable design that he is hard to mistakes. From his pink skin to his classic costume, Buu is not someone you'd tend to mistake for someone (or something) else. And thanks to one fan, Buu has carried over his infamous look to a femme frame which suits him perfectly.

Over on Instagram, the user Katsu Cosplay got Dragon Ball Z fans excited when they shared a recent project. The fan chose to given Buu a femme makeover despite being in quarantine, but the at-home looks as good as any other.

As you can see below, the cosplayer covered herself in pink body paint which mimics the shade Buu dons. With a bikini top on, the rest of the cosplay gear is completed with DIY wrist cuffs, baggy white pants, and Majin belt, and a slouchy beanie.

To take the look even further, this feminine take on Buu gives the baddie hair. The Dragon Ball Z villain has long pink locks which really suit the look. A bit of makeup enhances Buu's slimmer features thanks to some contouring, and some lip gloss makes the villain's lip pout pretty perfectly.


This sexier take on Buu is not what Dragon Ball gave fans decades ago, but Master Roshi would not mind. Femme fatales know how to balance the line between being sexy and lethal. This spot-on look proves as much, and Katsu Cosplay is getting all the praise for her edgy work.

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