Dragon Ball Super: Could Moro Steal Goku's Ultra Instinct?

Dragon Ball Super's current "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc has introduced the most fearsome and powerful villain the franchise has seen. Planet-Eater Moro was already powerful enough to rival the Grand Supreme Kai himself, and thanks to the events of the manga storyline, Moro has now achieved a new, ultimate, form. By fusing with his evil android henchman, Moro has restored his full physical and magical strength, while gaining Android Seven-Three's ability to copy the abilities of other fighters. So far, Moro has shown that he can use Seven-Three's power to steal Vegeta's new Spirit Fission technique - but what about Goku's Ultra Instinct?

Warning: Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

The devil is really in the details when it comes to the question of whether or not Moro can steal Goku's Ultra Instinct. First of all, Android Seven-Three's power was to copy abilities of seemingly any kind - as well as the techniques needed to use them - just by touching the person who uses it. It's made clear that even something as deep and profound as the Spirit Control (the technique Vegeta mastered to use Spirit Fission) is fully knowledgeable and accessible to Moro, an instant after copying the ability. That does not bode well for Goku and Ultra Instinct, as Moro could presumably learn everything he needs to to manifest the power, just by touching Goku.

However, both Master Roshi and Goku's new ally Agent Merus have been clear in their descriptions of how Ultra Instinct works, during the manga's run. As Merus explained to Goku:

"Rage, grief, joy - those strong emotions can translate to prodigious power. Just like your Super Saiyan transformation. But the technique you're after is the opposite. It will activate when you achieve self-control in the face of a jarring shock to your emotions. Such is Ultra Instinct."

Dragon Ball Super Moro Ultra Instinct Art
(Photo: Toei)

In that sense, Ultra Instinct isn't so much of a power or ability like Super Saiyan or other transformations we've seen in Dragon Ball: It's more of a mindstate that a powerful fighter can achieve, in order to become the perfect instrument of battle.


So the question of whether or not Moro can in fact "steal" Ultra Instinct basically depends on how the series chooses to define these powers. Moro can't "steal" emotional control clear-mindedness, as there's no secret ability or technique to achieving it. Ultimately, the point might very well be moot: When Goku tried to use the lesser form of Ultra Instinct, Moro indicated that recognized Ultra Instinct as a divine technique - and he was not at all intimidated by it. Given Moro's current power and how badly he thrashed Goku, Ultra Instinct may not even be worth copying any more.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.