New ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Synopsis Teases Jiren's Reawakening

Dragon Ball Super is moving slowly towards Goku's inevitable rematch with Jiren, and one new synopsis proves it is getting closer. A leak of this week's Weekly Shonen Jump seems to have hit the Internet, and it teases a comeback in coming for Jiren.

Dragon Ball Super will air its 115th episode this week, but it will be followed by a doozy with 116. You can check out the new, expanded summary for the latter episode below:

"Goku vs Kefla! Ultra Instinct finally goes into operation! Despite turning into Super Saiyan Blue, Goku is pushed back by Kefla! The moment he is cornered, Ultra Instinct finally kicks in?

Jiren This Week: noticing the powered-up Goku! Goku succeeds in turning the tables via Ultra Instinct! The mightiest warrior Jiren, who defeated Goku in their previous fight, shows interest in the powered-up Goku's battle."

As you can see, the second-half of the synopsis makes a direct reference to Jiren. When fans last saw the Universe 11 fighter, he was comfortably meditating in the middle of the arena as battles waged around him. The fighter's energy created an impenetrable barrier around him, but Jiren has been disturbed a couple times since he stepped away from the Tournament of Power.


Recently, Kefla made Jiren twitch when the new fusion powered up for the first time. Vegeta was also taken back by the secret weapon of Universe 6, so it is not surprising to hear the fusion's battle with Ultra Instinct Goku will pique Jiren's attention. Following synopses for Dragon Ball Super make no mention of Jiren after episode 116, so it seems likely that the Pride Trooper will return to his meditation when Goku falls out of Ultra Instinct again. However, it will only be a matter of time until the hero catches Jiren's eye once more.

Dragon Ball Super's "Universal Survival" saga is part of the recent simulcast agreement that sites like Crunchyroll and Funimation have scored. Dragon Ball Super airs on Crunchyroll Saturdays at 7:15 p.m. CST. Toonami airs the English dub on Adult Swim Saturdays at 11:30 p.m.