Dragon Ball Finally Reunites Future Trunks and Future Gohan: Watch

Dragon Ball has finally reunited Future Trunks with his fan-favorite teacher, Future Gohan. The reunion is happening over in the Dragon Ball Heroes promo anime's latest episode, the Space-Time Tournament hosted by the former Supreme Kai of Time kicks off, with Goku and the Universe 7 team quickly thrown into some pretty intense matchups with variant versions of villains from their past – including an evil Piccolo! However, the matchup that fans are really buzzing about is Future Trunks taking on the mysterious Hooded Saiyan – who (we knew all along) was an alternate Future Gohan

(WARNING: Dragon Ball Heroes SPOILERS Follow!) 

After a brief exchange of blows, Future Trunks learns the dark story of this Future Gohan variant ("Gohan Black"): In an alternate timeline of Dragon Ball Z's Androids Saga, Future Gohan couldn't protect Bulma or a young Trunks from Dr. Gero's Androids (17 and 18), and lost everything he held dear. That broke Future Gohan's spirit enough that he joined Lady Aeos and the Warriors in Black, to gain the power he never had from The Dark Dragon Balls and dedicate his life to strength. Future Gohan shows Future Trunks exactly what kind of strength he's achieved since then, firing up with a bonfire level Super Saiyan aura. 

However, Future Trunks was trained by Future Gohan – whose teachers included greats like Piccolo. When it comes to the final showdown (Gohan's Kamehameha vs. Trunks' Masenko blast), Future Trunks emerges as the winner. Still, Trunks has to acknowledge that this version of Gohan is stronger than the teacher he once had. 

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

Gohan is having a major resurgence in Dragon Ball right now – and really, we're all the better for it. Just as we get the debut of the his new alt-universe Future Gohan (and his impressive power display), Gohan is also the talk of Dragon Ball Twitter, thanks to the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie. That film, introduces a new limit break and transformation for Gohan: Son Gohan Beast, as named by Akira Toriyama himself. Thanks to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gohan is finally getting back to the level that was promised in Dragon Ball Z - something fans have been waiting years for. 


Meanwhile, Dragon Ball Heroes continues doing what it does best: giving us fan-service moments that look like they were pulled right from the chat threads. Future Trunks and Future Gohan's relationship is one of those minor stories of Dragon Ball lore that broke out within the fandom and became iconic on its own. 

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