Dragon Ball Super Revisits Goku's Mother in Emotional Flashback

Dragon Ball Super revisited Goku's mother Gine with an emotional flashback in the newest chapter of the series! The Granolah the Survivor arc has been a unique one in terms of what's come before as the main fight of the arc thus far is much less enticing than the lore about the Cerealians, Namekians, and Saiyans' past that has been revealed with each new chapter. As it turns out with the end of the previous chapter, Goku's past has a strange connection with Granolah's as Goku's father is the one who once saved Granolah from destruction. 

The newest chapter of the series reveals even more about this surprising story from Monaito, and with it also brings back Goku's mother to the series with an emotional flashback to Gine and Bardock's time with Goku as a child. After previously seeing it briefly in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, this latest look to their time with Goku as a baby reveals just how connected Gine was with her children compared to how coldly Bardock had acted towards his children before. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

By the time we had met Bardock and Gine in Dragon Ball Super: Broly (and in the Dragon Ball Minus special manga release), it had been quite a period since Goku was first born. Bardock had already formed a connection with his second son, and had even been worried for his future. It's a much different case in Chapter 77 of the series, which seems to take place long before the previous flashback as Bardock meets the young Goku and gives him his Kakarot name. But it also shows a new side of Gine. 

She chastises him for missing not only the birth, but first few months of his new son's life. Surprisingly, this gets Bardock to look at Kakarot in a different way. Not only does he feel a burst of inspiration with the name, but Gine helps to open his eyes to other struggles of families around him and it seems that Gine helped to spark this whole new kind of Bardock that we first met in the movie. This also offers up the opportunity for more Gine down the line as well. 

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