Dragon Ball Super Flashes Back To Raditz In New Scene

Dragon Ball Super surprisingly brought Raditz back to the spotlight with an unexpected shout out in the newest chapter of the series! While the Dragon Ball franchise is now completely different from when it first began, what really started this shift was the first major arc of Dragon Ball Z. Not only introducing the concept of a race of space alien fighters to the franchise, but also the information that Goku was not of this world and had a family out there somewhere. Goku's brother Raditz ushered in a whole new realm of fights for the franchise, but it can be easy to forget the Saiyan himself.  

The Granolah the Survivor arc of the series has been exploring more of the Saiyan legacy as it pertains to the destruction of Planet Cereal, and it has started to dig so deep that the franchise has even been bringing Bardock back into the mix through a series of new flashbacks. With all of this exploration into the past, the newest chapter of the series took it one step further and included a surprising shout out to Raditz and his time in the series as Goku reflects on his similarities with Gas and the Heeters. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 82 of Dragon Ball Super sees Goku lead Gas off planet and much like he has with many of his foes in the past, while Goku fights against Gas he's also trying to get to the bottom of why. He's wondering why someone so strong would just blindly follow the orders of someone else, and when Gas tries to say that he'll do anything for Elec thanks to everything his brother has done for him, it's not exactly something Goku can relate to. Goku is very selfish when it comes down to it, and thus has no real ties to his actually blood related family. 

Outside of his sons, he's got no real ties to his Saiyan heritage. So it was surprising to see Goku then bring up the fact that his own brother Raditz tried to kill him once. He was trying to get Gas to see that his brother might not have the best intentions, so he dug deep and actually reflected on his own family for once. It's something we're starting to see through this arc as a whole, and it seems like Goku's deeper connection to his Saiyan roots might be the next step of his evolution

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