New Dragon Ball Super Arc Is Giving Off Major Baby Vegeta Vibes

Dragon Ball Super has revealed new details of its new manga arc, 'Granola The Survivor', and those [...]

Dragon Ball Super has revealed new details of its new manga arc, "Granola The Survivor", and those new insights have Dragon Ball fans feeling some major echoes of Baby Vegeta! Some new preview pages for Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 68 have leaked online, and they reveal that Granola's mission to grab Android Seven-Three has been successful. Granola now has Seven-Three aboard his ship - but why he wants the evil power-copying android has yet to be revealed. However, based on new details of Granola's backstory, his plan for Android Seven-Three definitely seems like an echo of Baby Vegeta's origin story!

The twist in Granola's backstory is that he seems to be one of the last survivors of a race called the "Cerealians" that were wiped out by an invasion of Great Ape Saiyans, while Saiyans were still under the control of Freeza and the Freeza Force. As far as Granola knows, all Freeza has been dead for a while, and Saiyans were wiped out with Planet Vegeta's destruction. Obviously, Granola's goals may change drastically when he finds out that Freeza is still alive, and Saiyans still exist. Things could get even more drastic if/when Granola further learns that Goku is at once the son of the Saiyan Great Ape that murdered his family (Bardock), and the one responsible for bringing Freeza back from the dead. It doesn't seem like Goku is about to make a new friend...

Baby Vegeta (or "Baby") was introduced in the non-canon Dragon Ball GT series. He was the last survivor of the Tuffle race, who used his Machine Mutant creation Dr. Myuu to rebuild himself into the ultimate Machine Mutant killer. His mission is to get revenge on the Saiyans that wiped out his race, in the Saiyan-Tuffle War. Baby is a parasite able to possess warriors he battles, with one of his key "Superior" hosts being Vegeta. "Baby Vegeta" terrorized the Z-Fighters for much of the arc, until being defeated by Goku and ultimately leaving Vegeta's body.

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Right now, the connections between Graonla, Android Seven-Three and the Baby Saga are just loose ones. However, if it's revealed that Granola is going to used Seven-Three to somehow upgrade himself (with power-copying abilities), and then goes hunting for Saiyans, it's going to get hard to ignore the similarities...

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