Dragon Ball Super Fan Gives Granolah a Worthy Anime Makeover

Even if Dragon Ball Super's anime were to return right this second, we would most likely be years from seeing Granolah make landfall in the television series following his introduction in the pages of Akira Toriyama's manga, but one fan has decided to take matters into their own hands and gave the intergalactic bounty hunter a makeover that imagines what he would look like in the anime. With the series going on hiatus following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power Arc, fans of the Shonen series have been waiting to see when Goku and the other Z Fighters will return.

Granolah has been presented as an interesting character in the lore of Dragon Ball, with his origin tying into both the Saiyans and the maniacal rule of the villain known as Freeza. Currently working as an intergalactic bounty hunter for a criminal organization known as the Heeters, Granolah was able to make a wish on his planet's Dragon Balls, granting him a seriously big powerup while also coming with a heavy price. As the manga continues, Granolah is now on a path to face Goku and Vegeta directly and now has the power to not only match them but potentially defeat the two strongest Saiyans in the universe.

Reddit Artist Mangled Durian shared this art that imagines what Granolah might look like when he is brought to the world of anime by Toei Animation, who has given us one hundred and thirty-one episodes of Dragon Ball Super to date, to say nothing of the movies of the sequel series:

I took one of my favorite panels of Granolah, and tried to make it look like a still from Super! (I touched it up a bit, too!) from r/dbz

There have yet to be any rumors as to when Dragon Ball Super will be making its return to the small screen, but the franchise has continued telling new stories in the world of anime with its spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. Taking place outside of the main continuity of the franchise, it will be interesting to see if the spin-off eventually brings in Granolah before he makes his first appearance in the main series.


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