Dragon Ball Super Sets Up a Grand Priest Conflict

Dragon Ball Super may have finally arrived at the point so many fans have been predicting since the series began: a conflict with the divine masters of existence. While Goku and Co. have earned the respect of the Omni-King Grand Zeno, and divine beings like the Grand Priest, The Gods of Destruction, and angels like Whis, those happy feelings couldn't last forever. In the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super, the battle with new villain Moro takes a drastic turn, as fledgling angel Merus must break Angelic Law in order to save Goku, the Z-Fighters, and Earth, from Moro's tyranny. Now, the Dragon Ball universe may never be the same.

Warning: Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 63 SPOILERS Follow!

In Dragon Ball Super's latest manga chapter Merus has arrived on the battlefield just in time to stop Moro from finishing Goku and co. off. We learn that Merus' last-minute intervention is actually the work of Whis, who let righteous young angel follow his impulse to save his student, Goku. By letting Merus intervene, Beerus risked incurring the wrath of Grand Priest, by letting allowing an angel to use divine powers on the mortal plane that is under Beerus' jurisdiction. Therefore, Beerus must also intervene in Moro's reign of terror.

Dragon Ball Super Sets Up Goku vs Grand Priest Merus Death Manga 63

However, Whis plan takes a turn. Moro's final fused form proves too powerful to Merus to handle with just his Galactic Patrol weaponry; he has to power-up his angelic abilities to seal Moro's troublesome power-copying ability. This benevolent act forces Merus to pay the ultimate cost: for violating Angelic Law, Merus is erased from existence. That event pushes Goku to a place we haven't seen since Dragon Ball Z's Freeza Saga, and the moment Goku first went Super Saiyan. Only this time, Merus' sacrifice pushes Goku to finally tap into the full, stable, power of Ultra Instinct.

Therein lies the possibility for seeds of a Dragon Ball Super storyline that pits Goku against the Grand Priest (and possibly other divine figures). After all: Merus wasn't killed by the villain (Moro), he was erased by the divine powers that first set the parameters of Angelic Law. Goku will no doubt have a problem with his friend and teacher (and a crusader of justice) being unfairly erased for doing a good deed and could be looking to overturn that death (like he's done with so many others). Goku seeking to meddle in divine law and punishment will definitely bring down the disciplinary hand of someone like Grand Priest; however, with Goku having now mastered Ultra Instinct, he can presumably slap that divine hand right out of his face.


Since Dragon Ball Super began, fans have been wondering: What happens if a Saiyan with the power to challenge the gods, suddenly had a disagreement with them?

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.