Did ‘Dragon Ball Super' Just Compare Kale to Broly?

Dragon Ball Super rocked its fandom when Kale was introduced a while back, but the show just stirred fans up yet against. The anime dropped its latest preview for episode 114, and the clip got lots of fans buzzing when it seemed to compare Kale to one controversial Saiyan.

Warning! Spoilers for Dragon Ball Super’s 114th episode lies below!

As you can see above, Dragon Ball Super’s episode preview for next week is a busy one. The clip follows Goku as the hero goes up against Kale, the Universe 6 mirror of Broly. The girl ended the anime’s latest episode by powering into her Berserker form, but it appears Kale will get control of the transformation next week. And, as you can read below, Goku makes an interesting comment about Kale in the preview:

“Hey, it’s me, Goku! Amazing, Kale. She controls that fierce power and becomes a true legendary Super Saiyan! Plus, she and Caulifla will bring out the ultimate secret weapon. This is a stupendous enemy! I’m getting excited!”

For fans, the preview’s decision for Goku to describe Kale as a legendary is a controversial one. In the larger Dragon Ball fandom, the term is a rather exclusive one used to talk about Broly. The Super Saiyan is a rare one who is able to tap into the Legendary Super Saiyan power. In the Dragon Ball Z films, Broly is said to have a power level in the billions if an issue of V-Jump got all its numbers right. Over the years, Broly has become a divisive foe in the fandom as his canonical status continues to prompt new debates, and many worried Kale could be a way in for Dragon Ball to make Broly canon.


So far, there do not seem to be any plans for Dragon Ball Super to make Broly canon; if Goku and Vegeta were going to somehow bring up the villain because of Kale, they surely would have done it by now. Goku’s choice to call Kale a legendary Super Saiyan is surely nothing more than a compliment to the Universe 6 warrior given her immense power. However, if Dragon Ball Super does make a surprise nod to Broly this week, then Toei Animation can expect to get a lot of fans talking.

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