Here's Why Gohan Was Best Suited to Fight Seven-Three

With the war against Moro heating up, the Dragon Ball Super manga gave us one of our best fights [...]

With the war against Moro heating up, the Dragon Ball Super manga gave us one of our best fights to date with the son of Goku, Gohan, facing off against the ancient sorcerer's most deadly warrior, OG73-1. With the artificial life form sporting a unique ability to absorb the abilities and fighting style of his enemies for half an hour should he wrap his hands around their neck, Moro's henchman makes good use of this "quirk" by absorbing the power of Piccolo. With this being done however, it made Gohan the perfect person to take him down.

With Piccolo being defeated thanks to OG's powers, Gohan luckily manages to land just in time and bring the fight back to the villainous android. Gohan, who has trained with Piccolo for years during his life, on and off, makes for the perfect opponent to OG73, not just with his large power level, but also thanks to his familiarity and intellect. The son of Goku is no stranger to Piccolo's fighting style, weaving his way around OG's use of the Namekian's stretching arms as well as his growing stature during the fight itself.

While Gohan may not be considered the brawler that his dad is, his ability to count on his intellect and use different methods in fighting his opponent have proved worthwhile in the past. Before Gohan is able to deliver the final blow to the android via a well placed "Kamehameha". Unfortunately, OG73 is able to use his secret technique that relies on the power of Moro, accessing some of the abilities he has stored within himself, winning the battle against both Gohan and the Z Fighters.

Gohan has had a good run during the sequel series of Dragon Ball Super, starting off as something of a weakling but training to access his "Mystic" power up and reaching a new level of power for himself prior to the Tournament of Power arc. While it's clear that he's sinking back into the role of a scholar, it is also clear that his heart as a warrior still burns.

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