Dragon Ball Super Uncovers the Heeters' Worst Lie

Dragon Ball Super is pushing ahead with its new arc, and the story has done wonders with Granolah [...]

Dragon Ball Super is pushing ahead with its new arc, and the story has done wonders with Granolah so far. The character has been set up as a mighty villain with a grudge, but fans have learned that isn't the whole story. It turns out there are nastier villains hiding in wait right now, and a damning revelation just confirmed how awful the Heeters really are.

The update came thanks to chapter 70 this month. Dragon Ball Super shared some compelling information about Granolah and Vegeta in this release, but the end was all about the Heeters. After all, the gang seems to be growing shadier by the moment, and that feeling was proven right thanks to a confession.

Dragon Ball Super Heeters
(Photo: Shueisha)

By the chapter's end, fans were informed it was the Heeters who helped destroy Cereal all those years ago. Granolah's people were wiped out after the Heeters worked with the Freeza Force to take over the planet. This is what gave the gang a chance to turn over the planet for profit, and the Heeters have kept the dark secret from Granolah this whole time.

"Scheming with Freeza's guys to attack Planet Cereal led to a real nice payday for us," one of the members says.

"Those ignorant Sugarians handed over a small fortune for that planet. Buncha dumb chumps," another answers in response.

As you can see, the Heeters have spent much of their time together scamming others, and they went to a new level when Freeza came around. They were able to prompt a full genocide with help from the tyrant, and the Heeters have been reaping rewards from their lie ever since. But with Granolah more powerful than ever, there is no telling how the gang will fair once he learns of this dark truth.

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