Dragon Ball Super Has Put Its Newest Set of Dragon Balls in Jeopardy

Dragon Ball Super has had a number of solid arcs during its tenure, but its most recent outing [...]

Dragon Ball Super has had a number of solid arcs during its tenure, but its most recent outing might be its best yet. The manga is moving forward with a new mission as Goku and Vegeta carry on a new arc. The story has pitted the Saiyans against new baddies as always, and to the surprise of a few, the universe's newest set of Dragon Balls have been put into jeopardy.

But at this point, is it even a surprise? Most fans should expect this kind of trouble to follow a set of all-powerful relics. The Cerealian Dragon Balls are being tailed by some bad guys, but it seems Freeza is nowhere in sight this time around.


No, the villains gunning after the Dragon Balls have to do with the Heeters. The gang is new to the franchise as Goku and Vegeta just met the team. So far, the thugs haven't revealed their true nature to our heroes, but the leader Elec seems set on using the relics to make the Heeters a formidable force.

"If everything goes nice and smooth, when the dust settles, the supreme force in the universe will be the Heeters," Elec reminds one of his crew members. You might be wondering what plan the leader is talking about, and well - we were curious too. Luckily, Macki ends the suspense before long by revealing part of the plans to fans once she steals a Dragon Radar from Bulma's office.

"Exactly, so as soon as we find [the Dragon Balls], they're ours to use," he explains.

At this time, it seems like Elec wants to nab the Dragon Balls on Cereal to make a wish for the Heeters. Elec has made it clear he wants to usurp Freeza as the main villain in Universe 7. His revival made the goal difficult, but Elec's group could use the Dragon Balls to reach that goal. The Heeters just have to find the relics since Granolah used the two Dragon Balls recently, and fans are certain Monaito will take issue with this plan. If the Namekian causes a fuss, it seems more than likely the elder will die, and the Heeters will have a new foe as Goku, Vegeta, and Granolah will be chomping to destroy them.

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