Dragon Ball Super Poster Imagines Moro's Fight with Beerus

Dragon Ball Super fans love to see a good fight, and the series has plenty of heroes around to pit up in matches. It goes unsaid that Goku has fought his fair share of battles, and the same goes for Vegeta. In fact, they are in the midst of a battle these days thanks to Moro, and one artist has decided to imagine how a match-up with Moro and Beerus may go.

The artwork was posted over on Instagram by the user falcoart_ as they pitted god versus goat. You can check out the full fan-poster below and make your predictions about which fighter will win.

As you can see, Moro is to the lefthand side, and he isn't scared to square up against Beerus. The ancient baddie is in his final form given his smooth features and buff form. In fact, Moro looks more furious in this shot than ever before, and his statue towers over Beerus who is standing to the other side.

Of course, Dragon Ball Super fans are well aware of how Beerus looks before a battle. The God of Destruction is all calm with his back straight and arms clasped behind his back. Beerus looks infinitely calmer than his opponent in this poster, but his narrowed eyes show how seriously the God of Destruction is taking his opponent.


In the manga thus far, Moro has said time and again he will cull the gods if given the chance. This is a very lofty goal given how strong the pantheon is, but Moro is also impressively powerful. It took an angel's death to give Goku the gumption needed to take down Moro, so the villain is certainly strong. However, when pitted against Beerus and his Hakai, it is hard to imagine a timeline where Moro ends up winning here.

What do you think about this fan-made match? Would you care to see Beerus knockdown Moro a peg? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.