Dragon Ball Super Reveals Goten and Trunks' New Outfits

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there is no telling where are heroes are at any given moment, but it has been easy to locate its leads as of late. The manga has pushed forward with its Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc for quite some time, and it about to end with everyone gathered on Earth. In fact, most of the Z-Fighters are together right now anxiously awaiting the results of Goku's battle with Moro. But on an island far away, fans were able to check in on the Saiyan's youngest son and his new look.

The update came when chapter 66 of Dragon Ball Super went live. Fans were able to check in on Goten and Trunks at last, and fans were surprised to see how the pair are doing. After all, they were last shown tending to Android 17's park, and it seems the duo are still there. And what's even better is that they have uniforms for themselves!

dragon ball super

As you can see above, Goten and Trunks are dressed identically, and they got their looks from Android 17. Both of the boys are wearing shirts with the text "MIR" on them. The baseball-style shirts are tucked into some denim pants, and a belt cinches the whole look together.

"Did you hear Mr. Piccolo's voice too," Trunks asks as Goten begins sending his energy towards Vegeta. "Are Dad and them in some kinda battle? Nobody told us."

Clearly, the boys are very out of the loop about what is going on, but that means they are dedicating all their focus to the island. Any poacher who dares step into the sanctuary will be met with a nasty fate thanks to these two heroes, so here's to hoping Android 17 comes in to brief them before too long.


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