Dragon Ball Super Teases the Original Purpose for the Dragon Balls

When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are still some questions lingering with the fandom, and they have no plans of going away. From the origins of the Saiyan race to the secrets of the Grand Priest, the series is holding back a lot of information fans would like to know. Of course, some of the most famous unsolved mysteries involve the Dragon Ball themselves, and it seems a new update has cleared up one thing about their history.

Recently, Dragon Ball Super set out with a new chapter, and it was there fans got a literal lesson from the Namekians. The big update follows our new villain Granolah who is desperate for revenge. He debates using a newly introduced set of Dragon Balls to help him take down Freeza, but his Namekian housemate shares something interesting when he wards Granolah away.


"The Dragon Balls began as a part of a ritual to celebrate brave Namekian warriors. They're not meant to fulfill any selfish desires," the old Namekian named Monaito says.

This fact is echoed soon after as fans are giving a history lesson on the Dragon Balls. The useful breakdown comes from the Namek, and an elder teaches some local kids that Dragon Ball wishes were strictly used in a ritual way back when.

"Originally, the wishes were meant as rewards for bold warriors who sought out the Dragon Balls in the time of great suffering," the teacher reveals.


While the exact origin of the Dragon Balls is a mystery, most of the relics fans have encountered hail from a Namekian. However, some balls have been made elsewhere by dragons for instance. There is no telling where the very first set of Dragon Balls came from, but it appears the Namekian race originally created the items for ritual celebration, and warriors were rewarded with wishes. So if you ever questioned Goku's worthiness to use the relics, well - now you know!

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