Dragon Ball Super Preview Teases Vegeta's Comeback

Dragon Ball Super's next chapter preview is teasing a major comeback for Vegeta! When we had last seen Vegeta, he and the other Z Fighters had been completely defeated by Planet Eater Moro. Goku was the first one healed so he could return to the fight (with a new mastery of Ultra Instinct in tow), but the others were going to be healed not long after. But as the fight continues against Moro and reaches its end with the next chapter, it seems that Vegeta is poised to make his comeback after getting thrashed by Moro chapters prior.

Dragon Ball Super shared an early look at Chapter 66 of the series with the rough drafts of the first few pages of the next chapter. Picking up immediately after the last cliffhanger where Planet Eater Moro fused together with the Earth, as Goku continues to struggle against Moro's new form it seems that Vegeta will be making his comeback to the fight as well.

Following Goku's initial fight against Planet Eater Moro's new form, Goku continues to struggle with what choice he's going to make. He needs to act quickly and somehow defeat Moro, but doing so means he'd have to destroy the Earth to do it. But if he doesn't act quickly enough, Moro will continue to grow in size and power until he explodes and takes out the rest of the galaxy along with him. As the preview reveals, however, Vegeta will be joining the fight back at his max power.

Vegeta returning to the battle just might provide Goku the exact solution to his problem. Goku might have unlocked Ultra Instinct, but Vegeta learned how to separate fusions during his time on Yardrat. If he can somehow use this technique on the level needed to separate Moro from the Earth (if that's even possible), then perhaps Vegeta will be able to save the day from Moro. He could very well be the pinch hitter the Earth needs at the final moments.

But what do you think? Curious to see what Vegeta will do when he makes his way back to the fight? What are you hoping to see in Dragon Ball Super's next chapter? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!