Dragon Ball Super Preview Teases Whis vs Moro

Dragon Ball Super has shared a sneak preview of what's to come in the next chapter of the series, and one of the biggest teases seems to be Whis going up against Moro. The official website for the franchise released a series of early draft pages for Chapter 66 of the manga, and they give us a small glimpse as to how the next chapter will start off. With the franchise also announcing that the Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc will soon be coming to an end, the tease for the next chapter is even more enticing.

Chapter 66 of the series will pick up immediately after Moro fuses with the Earth and becomes harder for Goku to defeat lest he have to destroy the planet to do so. With these planet wide complications also threatening the rest of the galaxy as a result, it seems Beerus and Whis will have to intervene due to Goku's major error. And when Whis steps in, it means things are truly dire.

The last batch of draft pages for Chapter 66 of the series (as compiled by @DBSChronicles on Twitter) sees Goku continue to struggle against the planet sized Moro when Whis suddenly appears next to him. It's not currently clear just yet as to what kind of message (or ultimatum) Whis has for Goku in this moment, but then we can see Moro trying to throw a punch at Whis before he blocks it with a single finger.

This is the full extent of Whis' involvement for this preview, however, and it's likely a result of this being a much more dangerous situation than it seems. If Whis, who has been steadfast about the Angel Laws so far, needed to intervene in the fight directly, then we are truly at the end game of the fight against Moro. It's a real do or die situation now that Whis has had to do something as it's only when things are most dire that he finally makes his moves.

What do you think? Curious to see how the rest of Dragon Ball Super's next chapter will unfold? What ultimatum do you think Whis is offering Goku in this moment? How do you think the fight with Moro will end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!