Dragon Ball Super Theory Uncovers the Real Threat Behind Moro

Frieza. Cell. Buu. Goku Black. Over the years, Dragon Ball has dealt with its share of larger-than-life villains, and some of them spark fear more than others. When it comes to potential, Goku's foes have enough power to wipe out worlds if not galaxies, but brute strength isn't the thing fans should fear most. No, a new theory about Moro proves there are other far more dangerous threats, and it has netizens begging for Moro's return.  

The piece itself comes from Twitter user GalacticMi. It was there the reader revisited the manga's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc, and Moro caught their eye for a new reason. This time around, the fighter's awesome powers took a backseat so GalacticMi could check out their crazy IQ.

"One thing I believe is heavily slept on about Moro is his intelligence. Not only was he able to analyze what ultra instinct was, he evaluated the strengths and weaknesses and fought accordingly to win against Goku. How he knew it wasn't a mortal ability though is beyond me," the Dragon Ball Super fan shared over on Twitter.

"He knew that UI boosts agility and thus slowed/ stopped his movement in his fights. He also knew that ultra instinct is a technique that exploits openings and thus fought cautiously so that he couldn't be caught wide open a lot of the time. He ALSO figured out that Goku had a stamina issue and was too hasty to finish the fight. Literally everything there is to know about UI, Moro knew from first glance and I think that is underrated imo. That aspect needs to be discussed more."

As you can see, this fan has done some work, and their theory has now taken on a life of its own. After all, Goku has faced his share of threats in the past, but few have been as smart as Moro. The villain knew when to bide time, and when faced against Goku, Moro held back his true power at first to figure out his opponent's game. This is what helped Moro get the jump on Goku and Vegeta time and again. In the end, Goku's victory against Moro came ahead by a hair, and fans are just now realizing how dangerous this villain really was. So if Dragon Ball Super finds a way to bring him back, well – fans won't be pressed over it.

Do you think Moro is one of the best villains in Dragon Ball Super? Or did the baddie fall short of expectations? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.