Hilarious Dragon Ball Meme Puts Vegeta Back in His Usual Place

Dragon Ball fans know a thing or three about Saiyan Pride, and they have Vegeta to thank. The character made his debut decades ago when he first appeared before Goku. The fighter was all too happy to ramble on about his Saiyan pride, and that topic still leads Vegeta to rant today. And thanks to one hilarious meme, fans can see where Saiyan pride leaves the hero more often than not.

The popular post appeared on Twitter most recently thanks to SSGPrinceVegeta. The fan read the most recent chapter of Dragon Ball Super and decided it was time to give Vegeta a reality check. After all, the hero went on and on about his Saiyan pride before Moro... but his rematch did not go as planned.

The meme, which can be found below, shows Vegeta from an earlier chapter of Dragon Ball Super. It shows Vegeta standing before Moro for their rematch, and the hero is taunting the villain without any hesitation.

"You want someone stronger than you? You've found him," the man tells Moro.


The photo to the right shows the outcome of Vegeta bragging. Despite his recent training on Yardrat, the Saiyan was no match for Moro. Not even his inflated pride could keep the hero fighting on two feet. By the end of their rematch, Moro managed to thoroughly beat Vegeta and copy his abilities to boot. Clearly, Vegeta's bravado did not help him against Moro, so you can see why fans are cackling over his Saiyan pride. Vegeta's obsession over his ego tends to do more harm than good in battle, but if that is what he needs to push himself to beat Goku, so be it.

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