Dragon Ball Super Introduces a Dangerous Gang of Villains

Dragon Ball has juggled villains for most of its life, and that will not stop anytime soon. A new arc has arrived within the pages of Dragon Ball Super, so that means new baddies are on their way. In fact, a new group of them was introduced just recently, and fans are already trying to figure out the mission behind the Heeters.

For those who don't know, this gang of villains was introduced in the latest chapter of Dragon Ball Super. The Heeters are based within universe seven and houses three members. Currently, the group seems preoccupied with intel, and they seem to be the polar opposite of Freeza. Where the latter rules with fear and power, the Heeters rule with blackmail and wealth.

dragon ball

According to the manga, three of the members in Heeters have been named. Maki, Oil, and Gas are some of the main members of the group. Of the trio, Gas is the most powerful by far. The small guy is shown besting Granolah in combat, and he has crazy strength on his side. In fact, the group believes Gas to be one of the strongest warriors in the universe, but they have not tested that theory against Goku.

At this point, there is no telling what the group wants. They are hungry for more control, and the group elects to set up Granolah once his powers began to grow. The Heeters do not want anyone to get in their way, and well - the bounty hunter is a definite threat to their operations. And if they try to challenge Freeza before Granolah can, things will get really ugly really fast. The Heeters happen to have Android 73 on its side which only adds to the group's firepower, but Granolah is looking to grow even stronger in this arc so he can get sweet revenge upon Freeza at last.

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