Why The Next Dragon Ball Super Movie Should Make the Black Star Dragon Balls Canon

There are many, many elements from the long deceased series of Dragon Ball GT that have not [...]

There are many, many elements from the long deceased series of Dragon Ball GT that have not appeared in the rest of the Dragon Ball series. From the Super Saiyan 4 to Baby to Super Android 17, Dragon Ball Grand Tour was swept aside after completing its 64 episode run. With Dragon Ball Super moving forward thanks to its insane popularity, there are still good ideas from GT that can be brought to the forefront with Super, including the Black Star Dragon Balls.

To start, what exactly are the Black Star Dragon Balls? These were a more powerful version of the Dragon Balls that were introduced in GT, that could grant wishes that the original seven balls couldn't. These better wishes came with a price though as the balls would separate and shoot out in different directions across the universe. If the balls were not gathered together again in a year's time on the original planet where they were used, said planet would blow up. Obviously, time was of the essence in returning the Black Stars back to their original spot.

(Photo: Funimation Productions)

So why re-introduce these into the Dragon Ball lore with Super? The Black Star Dragon Balls introduced a new wrinkle in the "wish mechanic" of the balls themselves. The idea behind GT was something of a combination between the fighting of Z and the exploration and adventure of the original Dragon Ball series. By re-introducing the Black Stars and their mechanics, you could bring that sense of exploration that may have been lost from the series for some time.

The Black Star Dragon Balls also helped usher in the idea of the "Shadow Dragons". These villains held a personal stake for the heroes, representing the "evil" wishes that had been granted by the balls and the negative energy that had been gathered because of them. Rather than having Shenron and the Dragon Balls act as window dressing to the series, they would be in direct conflict with the heroes themselves. Obviously, these ideas and characters could be drastically changed from their appearances in Dragon Ball GT, but their concepts are sound and may make solid additions to Dragon Ball Super.

What do you think of the idea of bringing in the Black Star Dragon Balls into the next Dragon Ball Super movie? What other elements from Dragon Ball GT may be worthwhile to include into the Dragon Ball franchise? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.

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