Dragon Ball Super Poster Imagines Jiren's Epic Showdown with Broly

Dragon Ball Super has done a fantastic job of giving us some of the biggest brawls within the [...]

Dragon Ball Super has done a fantastic job of giving us some of the biggest brawls within the Akira Toriyama franchise, but throughout the anime and the manga, there has been one battle that we have yet to see and one fan artist has taken matters into their own hands by imagining what a fight between the Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and Jiren might look like! While we aren't sure which of these two combatants would come out on top if they were to go at it one on one, it would definitely be a fight to remember!

During the Tournament of Power, Jiren was far and away one of the strongest combatants with the forty five minute battle royale, proving to be the ace in the hole for Universe 11. Easily defeating the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and several others in one on one combat, it was only until Son wielded the power of Ultra Instinct that it seemed as if Jiren might actually lose. While Ultra Instinct was never used against Broly in the recent Dragon Ball Super feature length film, the Legendary Super Saiyan is still a part of the series in that he lives on the world he called home for so many years. A fight between Broly and Jiren is definitely something we could see in the franchise's future.

A Reddit User shared this art work by Charlie Cunningham, showing what the opening moments of the fight between Universe 11's Jiren and Broly might look like, should they ever come to blows either in the manga, the main series, or the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes:

Broly v Jiren by Charlie Cunningham from r/Dragonballsuper

Currently in Dragon Ball Super's Moro Arc, neither Jiren nor Broly have appeared in the battle against the energy absorbing wizard, but their help would certainly be appreciated by Goku and the rest of the Z Fighters. We would imagine that if the sorcerer were to travel to the alternate reality of Universe 11 or the home planet of Broly that the Super Saiyan found himself on after being jettisoned from Planet Vegeta, they'd have no choice by to add their power in the bid to defeat the latest Super villain.

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