Dragon Ball Super Poster Imagines the Legendary Super Saiyan Kale

A new Dragon Ball Super fan-art poster imagines female Saiyan Kale as the Legendary Super Saiyan [...]

A new Dragon Ball Super fan-art poster imagines female Saiyan Kale as the Legendary Super Saiyan of myth. Specifically, the poster puts Universe 6's Kale in the role of Dragon Ball Super's version of Broly, showing reference to a legend that started in Dragon Ball Z but has since evolved in the Dragon Ball Super canon. As fans know, DBZ first introduced Broly as the "Legendary Super Saiyan" in his 1993 non-canon film debut; however, the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime have made indications that Kale is in fact that Legendary Super Saiyan.

Fans enjoyed seeing Kale and her bestie Caulifla rival Goku and Vegeta in the Tournament Power arc, as well as Broly's epic battle with Earth's Saiyan heroes in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. That all said, The introduction of Caulifla - and the re-introduction of Broly - have left a lot of longtime Dragon Ball fans genuinely confused about where the mythos about the Legendary Super Saiyan currently stands. Kale was clearly able to manifest the traditional LSSJ and LSSJ2 forms during her berserker rages during the Tournament of Power - and also achieved a stabilized form of that power when she fused with Caulifla to become Kefla.

Of course, confusion about the exact details of the Legendary Super Saiyan mythos hasn't stopped Dragon Ball fans from going wild with theories and or fan-fiction scenarios. Fans have pitched how Kale could fully manifest the Legendary Super Saiyan power and become a crucial ally (or threat) in future Dragon Ball Super arc - same goes for how a 'Kale vs. Broly' bout would go. In fact, the latter has been such an intense topic of fan debate for so long that it's beginning to feel like a missed opportunity if Dragon Ball Super doesn't do it at some point.

Right now, Dragon Ball Super's manga storyline ("Granolah the Survivor") doesn't seem like it's angling toward bringing back Kale and Caulifla - though Broly is still a possibility. However, fans now have the hope of the next Dragon Ball Super movie, which was announced last week and is set for 2022 release. Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama has already teased an "unexpected character" and epic new battles in the next DBS feature. If the series wanted to keep this second film linked to the first, Kale would indeed be a surprise character to bring in - and her battle with Broly would definitely be epic!

Dragon Ball Super's new movie is coming in 2022. The manga releases new chapters free online every month.