Dragon Ball Super Has Vegeta Deliver His Most Brutal Beatdown Yet

In the war against Moro, Goku and Vegeta aren't holding anything back, with the latter attempting to learn a brand new bag of tricks in order to combat the energy stealing sorcerer. On the planet Yardrat, where Goku had learned the technique of Instant Transmission, Vegeta is attempting to master "Spirit Control", which will teach him a number of new techniques such as making himself a giant, creating clones of himself, teleporting anywhere instantly, as well as one of the most important moves of instantaneous healing. Before the Prince of the Saiyans manages to wrap things up, he comes into contact with one of Moro's henchman, and in the process, delivers one of the most titanic beat downs the series has ever seen.

In the Dragon Ball series, especially at this point in time where a good number of fighters has been able to access the energy of the gods, there have been plenty of one sided fights. With Vegeta discovering that his energy has gone up exponentially thanks in part to his training on Yardrat, the Prince of all Saiyans is astonished by just how powerful he has now become.

When Yuzun, the henchman of Moro who surprisingly has a lot in common with Frieza's goon Zarbon, lands on Yardrat, Vegeta attempts to let loose a simple finger blast that would decimate the villain in his tracks. What he doesn't realize is that thanks to his training, said small blast instead turns into something similar to a Kamehameha or Final Flash after he lets loose.

What follows is Vegeta fundamentally taking Yuzun apart, easily dispatching every attack that is thrown his way and even slapping away entire buildings that are hurled his way. While Yuzun eventually is destroyed thanks in part to his own clumsiness and not paying attention to his surroundings, its clear that Vegeta gave him one of the most brutal beat downs in the series to date.

What did you think of the beatdown that Vegeta let loose on the planet of Yardrat? Do you think that the Saiyan Prince now has what it takes to bring down Moro? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Dragon Ball!


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