Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Reveals First Blu-ray Details

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero has become a pivotal moment for Gohan and Piccolo, with the two Z-Fighters taking the spotlight from Goku and Vegeta. Becoming the number one movie in North America for its opening weekend, the latest Shonen movie will be coming to home video and a new release date has arrived online. Here's when fans looking to rock the dragon can expect to take home the movie featuring the Red Ribbon Army's major comeback to the Shonen series. 

The latest film in the Shonen franchise from creator Akira Toriyama introduced several new transformations to the heroes of the Dragon Ball franchise, with Gohan unleashing his new Beast form while battling against Cell Max and Piccolo showing off his "Smooth Piccolo" form, as well as his Orange Piccolo transformation while battling against the Gamma androids. While we aren't yet sure when, or if, these new transformations will return to the series, Dragon Ball Super is currently working on a new arc following the conclusion of the Granolah The Survivor Arc taking place in the pages of its manga. As the latest journey of the Z-Fighters in the manga introduced Vegeta's Ultra Ego, Goku's new Ultra Instinct forms, along with "Black Frieza", a new storyline might work to introduce Gohan and Piccolo's new powers.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero's Blu-Ray will arrive in Japan on December 7th, with several extras that will give fans a better look into this new adventure featuring the return of the Red Ribbon Army as well as bringing back Cell in a very different iteration than what we came to know in Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball has yet to reveal when the television series will return to the airwaves, though there is plenty of material from the manga that the small screen has yet to cover. Despite this fact, rumors are beginning to swirl that a new web project might be in development following the success of Super Hero as fans wait to see if the Moro and Granolah Arcs will one day find their way into the world of animation.

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