Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Stars Unpack the Film's Final Transformation (Exclusive)

The time is here at last! This weekend, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero made its way into theaters, and fans are geeking out over the big release. The movie's opening weekend scored it the top spot at the domestic box office, and netizens are still buzzing about the movie online. Of course, that means spoilers for the movie are running rampant across social media, and quite a few of them involve Gohan. So when ComicBook spoke to the stars of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero recently, you know we had to ask about the film's final surprise transformation...

So you have been warned! There are spoilers below for the new Dragon Ball flick. Proceed with caution!

During Crunchyroll Expo, ComicBook had the opportunity to speak with the voice of Gohan courtesy of Kyle Herbert. It was there we talked all things Saiyan alongside co-stars Zeno Robinson (Gamma 2) and Aleks Le (Gamma 1). You can read our full interview here, but for those wanting to read up on the cast's reaction to Beast Gohan, you can read a special excerpt below:

  • Question: Of course, I have to ask about the film's final act. Gohan gets a wild new power-up, and the form is one fans have been waiting years for. How did you all react to seeing the transformation for the first time?
  • Kyle Herbert: Oh, I think the fans will be very pleased.
  • Zeno Robinson: As a fan, seeing Gohan's final form in the booth, I was freaking out. I was like, 'Oh, what is that?' It'll be refreshing to see people be excited and almost turn into little kids again. That was how I felt like when I was watching it in the theater. I think it was a really cool for Gohan and I'm not Gohan to speak for him, but as a fan, I was like wow. Gohan is a kid again. He's unlocking all of this power and we knew he was strong before so I'm glad he finally got his chance to show off all the power that's been talked about throughout the history of his character. We get to see it manifested in this like really cool way.
  • Aleks Le: Yeah I was there with Zeno, so I was freaking out too.

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As you can see, the stars behind Dragon Ball Super were just as stoke for Gohan's new form as fans. It is something Herbert has pleaded for over the years, and as a newcomer to the franchise, Robinson experienced the finale as a fan first. Gohan has been shafted for years, and despite being built up so purposefully during the Cell saga, the hero's potential never went anywhere. The Majin Buu saga tried to rectify the issue, and again, Dragon Ball Super did the same during the Tournament of Power. However, Gohan was never done justice as well as he was in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. The hero's full potential has been let loose at last, and fans are eager to see where Dragon Ball takes Gohan next now that he's tapped into a new power.

Have you seen Dragon Ball Super's new movie? What did you make of its final act? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.