Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Teases Piccolo's Secret Mission

Piccolo has certainly seen his fights throughout the Dragon Ball franchise, first being introduced as a part of the original Dragon Ball series but eventually finding his way to the light side thanks to Gohan during the events of Dragon Ball Z. With the next film set to focus on the Namekian and seemingly give him a new transformation to boot, it seems as though Piccolo is taking extreme measures to learn more about the return of the Red Ribbon Army via an undercover mission.    

The current motivations of this new iteration of the Red Ribbon Army are still somewhat in the dark, though if they are looking to follow the history of the organization, they will be gunning for Son Goku and seeking to take over the world. With the Red Ribbon creating two new androids in Gamma 1 and Gamma 2, fans are beginning to believe that there might be some more familiar villains that might be waiting in the wings tied to the collective. Instead of going in guns blazing, it seems as if Piccolo is set to take a much quieter approach by slapping on a uniform of the Red Ribbon Army than blowing away the headquarters of the villains.

The new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero trailer gave us a look at the battle taking place between Piccolo and the Red Ribbon Androids, while also showing that the Namekian is set to take a much stealthier approach, seemingly after being attacked by the new villains of the Shonen franchise:

Another tidbit revealed in this new trailer is that the Red Ribbon Army has captured Pan, the daughter of Gohan who has been "aged up" alongside Goten and Trunks in this new movie. With Pan playing a major role in the now outside of continuity series known as Dragon Ball GT, fans are expecting some big things from the young brawler, with many wondering if this film might hint at Pan becoming a Super Saiyan herself. With Piccolo gaining a new form and Gohan's Super Saiyan form potentially being different, this definitely seems like a chapter of the series where anything can happen.


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