‘Dragon Ball Super’ Title Teases Toppo's Godly Comeback

When it comes to Universe 11, Jiren is the fighter everyone knows to watch. The character wrecked Goku during their first battle despite the Saiyan’s use of Ultra Instinct, but Jiren is not the only Pride Trooper you need to keep tabs on.

No, Toppo is another top-tier fighter from Universe 11, and the guy is about to make a godly return to the ring.

This week, Animedia shared a new set of spoilers for Dragon Ball Super. The magazine even published the title of episode 125, and the name got fans buzzing about the leader of the Pride Troopers. So, you can check out the spoiler-friendly title below:

“Advent of the God of Destruction, Toppo! There is Only Overwhelming Power!!”

Of course, fans have known Jiren has been eyed as a possible God of Destruction. When the fighter was introduced, Beerus made sure to stress how powerful Toppo was as he was a candidate to usurp Belmod, but this new title seems to suggest the Pride Trooper will unlock that final power during the Tournament of Power.

Fan-translator Hems98 broke down the Japanese title for fans to give some insight into its connotation, and the notes point to a big Toppo moment.

“In ep.125's title, 降臨/kourin is a fancy word meaning the descent of a god to Earth (ie advent) or less literally the arrival of an important person. Previously in Super it's been used to describe Beerus' arrival,” the fan explained.

“[It] seems like Toppo might not be a mere candidate anymore.”


If the title is as clever as fans believe, then Toppo may really come into his own as a God of Destruction soon. The transfer also could give Toppo full access to Hakai energy, and fans know Universe 7 would be in a world of trouble if that happened.

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