Dragon Ball Super Reveals How Turles, Bojack Compare to Super Saiyan Blue

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is a spin-off series to the main Dragon Ball Super that allows the world to be opened up and characters both old and new to appear that otherwise wouldn't have had the opportunity, and in the latest episode, we get to see Dragon Ball Z movie villains Turles and Bojack stack up against the power of Super Saiyan Blue. With both Goku and Vegeta facing off against the new allies of Fu, the two old villains are granted new power levels thanks in part to the energy injected into them from the Universe tree.

Turles and Bojack appeared in the third and ninth films in the Dragon Ball Z series, appearing on the scene with next to nothing known about their origins. Turles, who looks exactly like Goku, appeared and created the "Tree of Might" similarly to how Fu had brought to life the latest deadly flora. Ultimately, Turles wasn't able to defeat Goku and the Z Fighters in a life or death battle, though it appears that the demonic scientist was able to pluck him out of the time stream to add to his villainous army.

Bojack, on the other hand, was a space pirate that was unleashed from his prison within King Kai's tiny planet following the Cell Games, with Goku inadvertently unleashing him thanks to bringing the exploding cell to the tiny Kai home world. In the ninth film of the Dragon Ball Z franchise, Bojack was defeated by Gohan, using his recently acquired Super Saiyan 2 transformation, but here, much like Turles, the space pirate has been given a serious upgrade.

With the two evil warriors being joined by the likes of Super 17, Mecha-Cooler, and others, they are infused with powers given to them by the Universe Tree, giving them power levels that put them onto an even playing field with both Goku and Vegeta at their Super Saiyan Blue levels. Considering how strong they were when they first appeared in the Dragon Ball Z series, this is a power up that has amplified their strength hundreds of times over without a doubt. It will definitely be interesting to see if both Turles and Bojack have become strong enough to defeat our two Saiyan protagonists.

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