Dragon Ball Super Sees Vegeta Get Savage on Goku's Ultra Instinct Fail

Dragon Ball Super latest arc has reached its climactic battle. Goku has returned to Earth after [...]

Dragon Ball Super latest arc has reached its climactic battle. Goku has returned to Earth after some intergalactic training, in order to test his Ultra Instinct powers against the new series villain, Planet-Eater Moro. Goku and Moro throwdown in one of Dragon Ball's most high-octane fights yet, as Ultra Instinct Sign lets Goku move with speed and power like we've never seen before. Unfortunately, even Goku's new abilities prove insufficient to take on a villain of Moro's power, which gives Vegeta a rare opportunity to step in and save the day where Goku cannot. Of course, Vegeta being Vegeta, he can't help but also get savage on Goku, as well!

Warning - Dragon Ball Super manga SPOILERS Follow!

As stated, most of Dragon Ball Super chapter 60 sees Goku launch a desperate gamble to take down Moro, using Ultra Instinct Sign. However, that lower form of Ultra Instinct rapidly drains Goku's power - and Moro knows the Saiyan fighter is working on a ticking clock. It doesn't take long for Goku to lose enough steam for Moro to put him down, easily. Androids 17 and 18 try to cover for Goku, but they're no match for Moro, either. Thankfully, Vegeta completes his training on Planet Yardrat in time to make his first Instant Transmission jump back to Earth, and challenge Moro in Goku's stead.

When Vegeta makes his grand Instant Transmission entrance, he sees Goku lying bruised and battered in the dirt, and has only this to say:

"Hello Kakarot. Well don't you look pathetic. What, did Ultra Instinct prove to be useless?"

Dragon Ball Super Manga 60 Vegeta Mocks Goku Ultra Instinct Fail
(Photo: Shonen Jump Magazine)

Goku is shocked that Vegeta used Instant Transmission, but Vegeta makes it clear he's not "pilfering your signature move," and doesn't need to. "I've learned a far superior technique of my own," Vegeta tells Goku, with a smirk, before effortlessly shifting into his new Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Evolved form to fight Moro.

While Vegeta's savage jab at Goku's Ultra Instinct fail might seem like typical Dragon Ball comedy, it's actually a more significant moment between the two. The "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" story arc has seen Goku and Vegeta have a major falling out, as Vegeta no longer wants to rely on Goku to always be the one to power-up and save the day. Vegeta has always been openly skeptical of Ultra Instinct, preferring his own Saiyan might and pride to zen-like techniques of the gods. On Yardrat, Vegeta mastered Spirit Control, a technique that allows him to channel all his Saiyan spirit through his body in a variety of different ways. Now, this is his big chance to show Goku (for once) why the Saiyan way is the strongest way to evolve as a fighter.

You can read new Dragon Ball Super chapters online HERE. The Anime is still on hiatus.