Dragon Ball Clarifies Two Facts About Ultra Instinct and Kaio-ken

Dragon Ball Super not only took time to introduce the new god like transformation in Ultra Instinct, it allowed Son Goku to utilize Kaioken in an entirely new way by accessing it while in his Super Saiyan Blue state and the franchise has recently dropped two new bombshells when it comes to these iconic power boosts! Though Kaioken was first accessed during the Saiyan Saga in Dragon Ball Z, fans blew up when it was introduced in a clever way within the Tournament 6 Arc of Dragon Ball Super and most likely will make a return to the anime in the future!

In the manga, Goku has taken a big step in mastering Ultra Instinct in the war against Moro, seemingly mastering the first phase of the transformation in Ultra Instinct Sign. In a recent article, the franchise shared the idea that the only way you are able to access the god-like power is to clear one's mind and be completely free of emotions. This makes for a stark departure from the Super Saiyan levels as this transformation that would give its users hair of gold was one that was rooted deeply in rage. Ultra Instinct may be far more powerful than Super Saiyan transformations, but the latter is sure to always have a permanent place in Akira Toriyama's franchise!

Twitter User DBSChronicles shared the two fascinating pieces of information for two of the most iconic techniques of the Dragon Ball universe, that have both only been used by Son Goku throughout the series of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super:

While the Dragon Ball Super anime saw Goku accessing the power of Kaioken, the manga seemingly has yet to, making for some very different events in how some of the battles were handled by the main protagonist of Akira Toriyama's franchise. We would imagine that when/if the anime series returns, Goku will once again use this transformation!

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