Dragon Ball Super: Can Universe 11 Really Win The Tournament of Power?

These days, Dragon Ball Super has its eye on two very powerful universes. The Tournament of Power [...]

These days, Dragon Ball Super has its eye on two very powerful universes. The Tournament of Power is in its final moments as Universes 7 and 11 face off, and everyone wants to know who will be the last universe standing. Goku does have one strong squad by his side, but the Pride Troopers are nothing to laugh at.

After all, there is a good chance Universe 11 will take the tournament's top prize.

If you look at the event's roster, it looks like things are going against Jiren's crew. Universe 11 only has three members left while Goku has a larger crew behind him. Jiren, Toppo, and Dyspo are the only ones backing Universe 11. The three will need to take out Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Freeza, and Android 17 to win.

So, it is a good thing the trio are capable of doing such damage.

In the upcoming episodes of Dragon Ball Super, signs are all pointing to Android 17 being taken out. The fighter is supposed to take on Toppo in a self-sacrificial move, but fans are convinced it will backfire on Android 17. The anime has also teased Toppo awakening his true God of Destruction powers, and if that hint is a literal one, Toppo will be able to outclass Gohan and even Freeza.

After all, Freeza was taken back by Dyspo's power, and the Pride Trooper is far weaker than Jiren or Toppo at present. Dyspo will surely not make it to the tournament's end, but he acts as a good litmus test for how powerful Universe 11's final members are. If Dyspo is the weakest and can still hold his own against Freeza, then Universe 7 may be in trouble.

Of course, Vegeta and Goku are a whole other deal when it comes to power. The tournament will likely come down to one - or both - of these fighters when they take on Jiren. To this point, neither of the Saiyans have been able to really shake Jiren, and the Pride Trooper hasn't even shown his true power. Dragon Ball Super has really set up Universe 11 to be the clear favorite of the tournament, and it will take a deus ex machina moment to build Goku's squad back up.

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