Dragon Ball Reveals Trunks' Super Saiyan God Transformation

Dragon Ball is never afraid to hand out new powers to heroes, and that goes for leads aside from Son Goku. While the hero may have tons of powers, others are given their share of power-ups. And thanks to a recent Shonen Jump event, fans got a look at the latest form Future Trunks has added to his collection.

And yes, that is Super Saiyan God. The hero's Xeno counterpart has just leveled up, and fans are feeling real excited about the charge.

Recently, a clip went live from a recent Dragon Ball Heroes event. A clip was shown hyping the game series' ninth anniversary, and a peek at its November update was shared. So, you can see why fans were real excited when the video showed Trunks Xeno going Super Saiyan God.

The epic moment seems to have gone down in space, and it all but tore a space station in half. As a gallery of villains looked on, a massive wave of energy dissipated to show Trunks Xeno in his new form. The hero's hair was glowing a bright red just like Goku's did in the anime when he unlocked the godly form. And as expected, his hairdo kept away from its Super Saiyan style. Trunks Xeno keeps his hair down in this form, and he pulls it off with ease. Now, fans can only hope Future Trunks will get a similar treatment in the anime before long.

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