Dragon Ball: Can Goku's Perfect Ultra Instinct Beat Beerus?

Back in the day, Dragon Ball Super got started when Beerus awoke from a dream, and he felt it was high time he challenged Goku. Their prophecized battle kicked off a new series, but fans were left with a stalemate when it came to the pair fighting each other. Now, things have changed drastically with the two fighters, and fans are curious if Goku's new power boost would allow him to defeat Beerus.

For those who are caught up with the manga, they will know Dragon Ball Super has put Goku through a lot. The manga is on a new arc right now that the anime never adapted, and it has given Goku the ability to tap into Perfected Ultra Instinct. This seems to be the pinnacle of the Ultra Instinct form, and even Beerus is impressed by Goku's use of it.

Of course, this rare bit of praise has fans sizing the God of Destruction up. At the start of Dragon Ball Super, fans watched as Goku unlocked the ability to use Super Saiyan God. The form gave Beerus quite the challenge, and their fight ended with the God of Destruction barely winning before passing out.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Final Villain Big Bad vs Goku

In all of the time since that battle, Goku has become a lot stronger. He has mastered a new form of Super Saiyan God as well as this Ultra Instinct form. In fact, the latter is referred to as a godlike technique that only the top gods can even use. Beerus is said to be one such god, but Goku is a mortal who can use such power now. He may not have the ability to use Hakai, but that doesn't mean he cannot beat down Beerus nowadays.


Of course, this is assuming Beerus hasn't been hiding his true strength this whole time. The deity loves to sneak around, and he would not be the first person in Dragon Ball to mask their true potential. But in a perfect world, there is a good chance Ultra Instinct Goku could beat Beerus after some more training and practice with Whis.

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