Dragon Ball Z Art Shares Unique Take on Ultimate Gohan vs Buu

The Majin Buu arc for Dragon Ball Z gave us a number of fights between the pink skinned demon and the mish mash of Z Fighters, and one artist has depicted one of the greatest battles in the final arc of the series as the fan art gives us a new perspective on the fight between Gohan in his ultimate form and "Super Buu". Giving the son of Goku the ability to finally access the full potential of his hidden strength, Gohan truly came into his own during this final fight against Majin Buu and this art gives us a fantastic new perspective.

Gohan gained his "Ultimate" form thanks to a ritual performed by the Elder Kai after he had broken the Z Sword, granting him a transformation that worked somewhat like Super Saiyan but lacked the blond hair that came with the well known power boost. Making him stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks, Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z Fighters when they weren't fused, Gohan became the most powerful warrior and proved it by nearly defeating Majin Buu in a one on one fight. Of course, Buu is able to become more powerful than Gohan by cheating and absorbing the strength of both Gotenks and Piccolo.

Twitter Artist Ruto830 shared this impressive snapshot of the battle between Ultimate Gohan and Buu, showing off the illustrator's versatility in depicting a Dragon Ball Z fight that has become legendary among anime fans of the Shonen series since it debuted decades ago:

Gohan recently made a big splash in the Dragon Ball Super anime, having renewed his training under his mentor Piccolo and regaining the ability to access his "Ultimate Form" for the Tournament of Power arc. Though he was ultimately unsuccessful in winning the tournament himself, his contribution allows a path way for Android 17 to take the crown and use his wish to bring back every universe eliminated as a result of losing. In the Moro Arc, Gohan has proved to be an instrumental Z Fighter once again though it definitely doesn't seem like he'll be the one to deliver the finish blow to the energy absorbing wizard!

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