Dragon Ball Z Fan Discovers Amazing Gohan Easter Egg

Dragon Ball Z continues to prove its level of depth and detail over three decades later. A fan's observation of Gohan's home in his later years reveals several (new?) Easter eggs from the series that weren't really noticed before but may tell a compelling story all their own. As you can see below, adult Gohan's home has several pictures in it that clearly depict the landscapes of Planet Namek and King Kai's planet. However, since Gohan never took photos while visiting those two off-world locations, the implication that Gohan takes up painting, in addition to his various scholarly studies!

Never noticed how the backgrounds here imply Gohan took up painting in his later years and did some decent recreations of the landscapes from Namek and the Supreme Kai’s World. Nice touch. from r/dbz

Goku's son continues to be the biggest Renaissance man that the Saiyan race has produced. Aside from training like (and even surpassing) his father at childhood age, Gohan indeed pursued academic studies, in addition to embarking on a noble career as the crimefighter, The Great Siayaman. And, apparently, he had time in between all that to recreate some of the sites of his biggest adventures from memory and a painter's canvas.

The vast physical, mental, and creative talents that Gohan has always made it seem like a tragedy that his character was so bumbled and mishandled between Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super. In fact, DBS has left Gohan so far behind in his development and powers that the latest manga chapter saw him get his teeth knocked out in one punch by the series latest (and greatest) villain, Moro. That "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" arc in no way hints that Gohan will have a big comeback from being reduced to a punching bag or that Dragon Ball Super has any larger arc for his evolution into something relevant again.

However, Gohan's character is just one thing that Akira Toriyama and the Dragon Ball creative group have to figure out as the franchise moves ahead. Right now, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" is at once introducing exciting new techniques (Spirit Control, Spirit Fission), while also seemingly closing the door on other series staples that may have grown gimmicky (Fusions, Super Saiyan God power, Ultra Instinct).


It's still wildly unclear if this is going to end up being a true reshuffling of the deck - or just a red herring before we return to the Dragon Ball Super status quo. If it turns out to be the former, we (and a lot of other fans) are keeping fingers crossed that a new era of Gohan (and all his many talents) is on the horizon.

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