Dragon Ball Art Brings To Life Old Man Goku And Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta has been the protagonists of Dragon Ball for decades now, having tested their strength against the likes of Freeza, Cell, Majin Buu, and one another, and while they have definitely aged, their Saiyan blood keeps them seemingly free of it affecting their appearances, but one fan has taken the opportunity to imagine what these two Saiyan warriors might look like as old men themselves! With Goku and Vegeta only sporting beards once for a brief time during an episode of Dragon Ball Super, this art does manage to stylistically capture just what these two would look like as "cranky old men"!

The latest arc of Dragon Ball Super's manga might not have involved a time skip, but it certainly saw both Goku and Vegeta change fundamentally from the points they started following the conclusion of the Tournament of Power. With the energy absorbing Moro attempting to steal energy from opponents and planets alike, Goku began to master the technique of Ultra Instinct while Vegeta travelled to the Planet Yardrat to learn entirely new techniques, such as Forced Spirit Fission. With the Moro Arc coming to an end shortly, we are excited to see what the future holds for both of these Z Fighters down the line!

Instagram Artist Ventura Art Book presented the "Bad Boys Z", taking a chance to imagine what the two strongest warriors of the Z Fighters might look like if they hit their later years and grow some appropriate beards to round out their looks:

Goku and Vegeta of course started their relationship as enemies, with the prince of the Saiyans arriving on Earth in a bid to find the Dragon Balls in order to wish himself immortality to defeat the alien despot who destroyed their world in Freeza. Over the course of the Dragon Ball franchise, they become "frenemies" and it still seems they have a long way to go until the two Saiyans are fast friends!

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