Dragon Ball Z Art Imagines Goku As A Studio Trigger Character

Dragon Ball Z's Goku has always been portrayed officially in the style of Akira Toriyama, but one fan artist has decided to imagine what the Saiyan warrior that has recently mastered Ultra Instinct might look like if he originated from the animation studio of Studio TRIGGER. TRIGGER, for those who might not be familiar, is responsible for a number of well-known anime series and movies such as Kill La Kill, Promare, and the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077 adaptation that is set to launch on the streaming service of Netflix in the future!

Though fans are still waiting for any news regarding the return of Dragon Ball Super's anime, the manga has continued to chug along and give us the continuing adventures of the member of the Z Fighters following the destructive Moro Arc. In the Granolah The Survivor Arc, a new intergalactic bounty hunter appears to be the focal point of the saga, with an origin that links him to the Saiyan race as well as the alien despot known as Freeza. Seeking revenge for the loss of his race, we have yet to see if this new character will be friend or foe to both Goku and Vegeta, but it seems as if the arc will be deeply entrenched in the events laid out during the reign of the sorcerer Moro!

Twitter Artist Aeyga X shared this impeccable look at Son Goku if he were to be animated by the creative minds at Studio TRIGGER, which has been responsible for a number of major anime series and feature-length films that have been released in the past years:

Studio TRIGGER's animation style is as energetic as it is unique in the world of anime, bringing to life hard-hitting, fast-paced anime works that have definitely helped the animation house create a name for itself over the course of its history. First hitting the scene with the television series of Kill La Kill, TRIGGER has recently worked on the award-winning movie of Promare and the popular anime series that landed on Netflix in BNA: Brand New Animal!


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