Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Shows Off Android 17 and 18

Dr. Gero's creations might have ultimately been responsible for his demise, but they remained a thorn in the Z-Fighters' side throughout the Android's saga's earliest stages. While 17 and 18 were able to ultimately survive the Cell Games, they eventually found themselves allies to Goku and company throughout Dragon Ball Super. Now, two cosplayers have once again returned to the early aesthetic when it comes to the villains that have changed sides like so many other Dragon Ball villains throughout the Shonen's history.  

The brother and sister team that were given new, cybernetic life by the nefarious Dr. Gero have improved exponentially since their early days in Dragon Ball Z. 17, for example, became the winner of the Tournament of Power, assisting Goku and the Z-Fighters when it came to defeating the other universes and taking down Jiren. Standing toe to toe with the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza, 17 luckily used his wish to bring back all the universes that were eradicated by Xeno thanks to their respective losses. During the Moro Arc, which has yet to be brought to the small screen, the androids acted as the perfect allies to the Z-Fighters as the villainous sorcerer was unable to absorb the energy from their synthetic forms.

Instagram Account Fer Schwebel shared this pair of Cosplayers that have brought Androids 17 and 18 to life, taking us back to the time when they were on the run to not only eliminate Goku but also attempt to save themselves from being absorbed by Cell to help him achieve his Perfect form:

There has been one major secret regarding the androids that has yet to be revealed and that is the family of Android 17. When he was first brought back during Dragon Ball Super, the synthetic human was protecting the wildlife of an isolated island, while stating that he had a wife and children that he was also protecting in his new life. At present, we have yet to see 17's family in the flesh, though this might change in the future when Dragon Ball Super's manga returns.

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