Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Travels From The Future With Trunks

Future Trunks might have made his landfall in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Z, but Super [...]

Future Trunks might have made his landfall in the sequel series of Dragon Ball Z, but Super brought him back with a vengeance and helped return him to the public eye, with one fan creating some pitch-perfect cosplay to give life to the son of Vegeta. Though Trunks' current status is up in the air, we imagine that he will remain a fan-favorite character within the Shonen series for years to come, even if we don't see him make a big return in Dragon Ball Super!

Trunks was a no-show during the Tournament of Power and Moro Arcs, leaving the Z Fighters to their own devices as they battled other realities and an energy-absorbing wizard. Future Trunks had an interesting ending to the Goku Black Arc, helping intake down the titular villain and his other personality of Zamasu, wherein his future world had been destroyed. With no world to return to, Trunks and Mai decided to travel into a future that not only were they familiar with, but already had its own Trunks and Mai that were not privy to the battle against Goku Black. Needless to say, if Trunks should return in Dragon Ball Super, he'll have a very different set of circumstances that time around.

Instagram Cosplayer Kaezuko.Cos shared this spot on Cosplay that once again brings back the future son of Vegeta back to the present with the classic look that he first sported in Dragon Ball Z, and continues to be the most recognized outfit for the Z Fighter:

Though Trunks did not appear during the latest Moro Arc, we definitely see him appearing down the line in the Akira Toriyama franchise. Currently, the next arc for Dragon Ball Super will be titled the "Granola the Survivor Arc" which will introduce a mysterious new fighter within the world of the Saiyans. Whether or not any time traveling characters will be introduced in this new manga arc is anyone's guess, but there are plenty of fans that are crossing their fingers for Future Trunks' return!

What do you think of this spot on Future Trunks Cosplay? Do you foresee the son of Vegeta returning to Dragon Ball sooner rather than later? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Akira Toriyama franchise!