Dragon Ball Z Cosplay Revisits High School Gohan

Gohan from Dragon Ball has easily become a fan-favorite character over the years, with the son of Goku set to play a major role in the next movie of the Shonen franchise, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. While Gohan is an adult with a family of his own at this point, one cosplayer has decided to travel back to the Z-Fighter's high school days, bringing his look to life using some spot-on Cosplay that truly rocks the dragon.   

Following his battle against Cell and the first time that he was able to achieve Super Saiyan 2, Gohan attempted to continue his quest as a scholar by attending a regular high school, hopping aboard the cloud known as Nimbus and traveling to the academy on a daily basis. Gohan's days in high school were short-lived before he was asked once again to jump into the fray, though the arc was able to introduce Goku's son to his future wife, Videl, who also had a role to play when Majin Buu returned. While the storyline of Gohan in high school isn't nearly as referenced as the battle against Frieza or Cell, it did have a major impact on the Shonen franchise.

Twitter Cosplayer 9 Tailed Locs shared the fresh take on Dragon Ball Z's Gohan look from when he attended high school, eventually giving way to a different look when the son of Goku was brought back into the world of fighting to combat Majin Buu, which resulted in the Z-Fighter gaining his Ultimate Form:

In the next film of the series, Gohan is set to join Piccolo in fighting against the reincarnated Red Ribbon Army, with Gohan's daughter, Pan, being kidnapped by the criminal organization. With Piccolo sporting a new transformation, fans are left wondering if Gohan will receive a new transformation as well, with the marketing material showing the son of Goku unleashing his Super Saiyan transformation once again. 


What is your favorite look of Gohan's from the past of Dragon Ball? Do you think Super Hero will see Gohan receive a new transformation? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Dragon Ball