Dragon Ball Art Gives New Look at Goku vs Great Ape Vegeta

Dragon Ball Z is easily the most popular Shonen series in the world and the Saiyan Saga was [...]

Dragon Ball Z is easily the most popular Shonen series in the world and the Saiyan Saga was definitely one of the most brutal and popular story arcs of the franchise, with one fan deciding to revisit the one sided brawl of Vegeta as a Great Ape knocking around Goku. The Z Fighters gave their all against the arriving Saiyans in Vegeta and Nappa, with Vegeta's right hand man killing the likes of Tenshinhan, Chiaotzu, and Yamcha (via Saiyamen), and the eventual release of their Great Ape strength showed how far they were willing to go to gain the Dragon Balls.

The power of the Great Ape was, for a time, the greatest weapon of the Saiyan Race. Amplifying their power ten times their normal level, Saiyans with tails could transform into the larger than life primate by staring directly into the light of the moon, whether it be through an actual moon or one that they were able to artificially create. While Vegeta, and the other Saiyans of the series, rely far more on the transformation known as Super Saiyan, the "Oozaru" form made a big come back thanks in part to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, albeit with just a mention rather than the full form.

Broly's father, who was helping to hold back the powers of his rampaging son, noted that the Legendary Super Saiyan had apparently found a way to access the power of the Oozaru while in his regular form, giving us a reason as to how he was able to, at first, fight Goku and Vegeta to a stand still in his basic form, and then defeat them when he became a Super Saiyan himself. Though we aren't sure if we'll ever see Goku and Vegeta transform into Giant Apes as their tails have been gone for some times, we would think that the Oozaru form will return to the franchise in some form or fashion down the line.

The first fight between Goku and Vegeta was definitely one of the best fights of the series and we'll be crossing our fingers that they'll go head to head once again in the future, especially with the Prince of the Saiyans gaining new powers thanks to his training on the Planet Yardrat!

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